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Who Are We

Pneumatic intelligent waste collection expert with independent intellectual property rights

We are a new high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and focus on the development of zmpiwcs (pneumatic intelligent waste collection system), with the leading domestic "no waste city" domestic garbage treatment solution, the system is fully independent R & D, and has a number of technical patents. We have cooperated with the environmental protection Laboratory of urban ecosystem of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a new type of waste disposal system Revolutionary fit - the garbage collection system of "domestic urban complex project" composed of property, aiming at the classification of domestic waste source, to create the most suitable modern treatment method for China's urban waste collection.

Committed to domestic waste source classification

The company is located in Langfang City, Hebei Province. Now it has the leading zmpiwcs solution in China. Guided by the new development concept of energy saving, innovation, environmental protection and intelligence, it shows a green and sustainable lifestyle. We have been focusing on the local and nationwide service network, providing users with scheme consultation, design planning, system installation, upgrade operation, etc., committed to providing high standard products for all users, and making contributions to the domestic domestic domestic waste source classification cause.

Focus on teamwork

Good products are absolutely designed and produced by high-quality people under strict process control. No matter what our position is, everyone of us in the company is a part of this team, dedicated to providing each customer with the best system solutions and services. Our goal is to pursue happy work, produce high value-added products, get respect from others and get reasonable remuneration, and then share all this with family and friends. Everyone in the team has a real right to speak, to do their good job, do their best, learn from each other. We have always believed that as long as we have been firmly committed to providing users with high quality products and services, we will not be afraid.

We focus on the original intention of equipment safety and comprehensive benefits,
and provide customers with clear action plan solutions and specific construction measures.