Service Maintenance

  • We provide professional services

    We provide operation and maintenance services to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the customer's Pneumatic garbage collection system. Our service runs through the whole process of the project and meets the needs of each customer through efficient and thoughtful service.

  • We makes it simple and trouble-free

    According to the size and scope of each project system, we always customize each service according to the actual needs of each customer, no matter how many, no matter how simple and complex, from the beginning of design to operation and maintenance services, so that customers can be relaxed.

  • We provide timely feedback

    We provide lifelong maintenance for each set of equipment, arrange professional technical service team in the city where the project is located to cooperate with customers, timely provide the required maintenance work, and respond within 24 hours,Solutions within 48 hours.

We focus on the original intention of equipment safety and comprehensive benefits,
and provide customers with clear action plan solutions and specific construction measures.